Irreverent Reverence

Seeking to Develop, Nurture and Deepen Communities through Discussions about the “Big Questions” of life rooted in ancient traditions and contemporary creativity.


Bible Study for Believers, Agnostics and Non-Believers

On the Second Wednesday of every month at Denizens Brewery. We gather together to dig into the bible, together, while seeking to create a safe space to ask questions, explore and listen to each other.

The current theme is:

John- A Gospel Against the Grain

Upcoming dates: Feb 13, March 13, April 10 - starts at 7pm

Discussing Sacred Texts Together

On the Fourth Tuesday of every month at Bump N Grind Coffee. We gather to discuss ancient sacred texts and what they might mean for people today. It is intended to be a safe space for asking questions, offering challenges and listening to one another deeply.

The Current Sacred Text is:

Tao Te Ching

Upcoming dates are: Feb 26, March 26 - starts at 6:30pm


Coming Soon…


Holy Conversations of Unholy Books

All conversations that explore what it means to be human are Holy. At its root, holy means set apart, so we are setting these conversations apart because they are important and can transform the world around them though the trust and community that emerges. Contemporary fiction offers its own beautiful lens into the Human Experience, but they are ordinary, not Holy. The goal of this discussion group will be to discover what contemporary fiction has to tell us about what it means to be in this world.